“ZOOM INTO THE NEW WORLD”: 5-Minute Makeup Tips

“ZOOM INTO THE NEW WORLD”: 5-Minute Makeup Tips

Well, it is true. We entered the new decade with a new world. And tbh, it came with the greatest cliffhanger of all-time. ARE WE GOING TO SURVIVE THIS? But! Before this hit a suspense genre, we are actually going to talk about MAKEUPS! This is a fun read – promise! (Let’s vibe with Vonnegut next time - lol)

Into the new world meant “new normal”. And, ZOOM meetings are now our usual hangout. Virtual meetings may seem to be effortless, but these days it is also becoming a rendezvous of personal style and statement. Sitting pretty is now easy with #kjmcosmetics! Let us give you some quick makeup tips before you head on to budget planning and monthly meetings with your team!



It is always fun to try out hairstyles that you don’t usually consider trying when you’re heading out before. But pulling off something new is always worth the try during virtual meetings. You know deviously well that you can subtly angle your best side during these zoom meetings, right? How about trying BLACKPINK Jennie’s go-to hairstyle? We can always see Jennie pulling off this high half-pony hairdo. Now sitting back in front of your laptop will feel different when they see something new!


(Photos grabbed from Pinterest)



  • An effortless high half-pony hairstyle is perfect with any scrunchie.
  • Highlight your eyes with a thin cat-eye makeup. You can use dark brown eyeliner and finish it with glittery liquid highlighter under your eyes for an extra flare!
  • A quick swipe with CHEEK. LIP. in Bloodshot is all you need for that healthy flush. Swipe it near your eyes to create a perfect round blush.
  • Slightly tap your lips with FACE. BLUSH. in Rock Candy. This bold nude will play up your lips while still looking effortless!



  1. CHEEK. LIP. in Bloodshot @ P110
  2. FACE. BLUSH. in Rock Candy @ P249



As we move forward to our new normal, lots of us are already practicing “equanimity” – a mental calmness, composure, and just being in the present that makes us in control. To totally flow with this mindset, we suggest you highlight your face with the color VIOLET. Violet, according to studies actively promotes mindfulness and creative visualization. Well, Sofia Andres is pure divine when she wears VIOLET.




  • This look is pretty easy to pull off, all you need is that perfect CHEEK & LIP TINT. CHEEK. LIP. in Vibe is something you will not easily try because of its overwhelming shade. But wait until you try this shade. This is actually Bittersweet Magenta but more color intensity on the violet range.
  • Swipe a bitty amount of Vibe on your cheeks. Form it at the edges of your cheeks to create a subtle contour. This shade being a bit dark will give you that contour-like effect.
  • Put a moisturizer first before topping it with Vibe. When your lips are healthy, with no cracks – the tint will settle perfectly on your lips just like Sofia!



  1. CHEEK. LIP. in Vibe @ P110



A new favorite look is making waves in KJM-verse lately. Our latest in-demand glossy look is an easy addition to our tint favorites! So why not incorporate this look to your next zoom meeting? We tell you this dreamy gloss will make you screenshot-ready whenever the team asks for it! Our KJM Girl, Jewel Mesina, is always seen flaunting her plumped lips. Group virtual photos will no longer be dreadful!


(Instagram account: @jewelmesina)



  • Detail your eyes with a black eyeliner for that feline aura. Top it with a light liquid highlighter (optional). The intense details on your eyes will not be so intimidating anymore once you pair it with this glossy look.
  • Subtle blush on your cheeks with your favorite CHEEK. LIP. shade – we go for BLOODSHOT on this look! Also, top this with a liquid highlighter (on your cheeks and a bit on the tip of your nose).
  • Option 1: FACE. BLUSH. in Afrodite topped with LIP. PAINT. in Clear Dream.
  • Option 2: CHEEK. LIP. in Bittersweet Magenta topped with LIP. PAINT. in Clear Dream.



  1. CHEEK. LIP. in Bloodshot @ P110
  2. FACE. BLUSH. in Afrodite @ P249
  3. CHEEK. LIP. in Bittersweet Magenta @ P110
  4. LIP. PAINT. in Clear Dream @ P222



Nothing else, but RED! You don’t have the time, but you want to start your meeting BOLD. Fear not, babe. Madelaine Petsch - a.k.a our favorite Riverdale vixen, Cheryl Blossom, is a whole mood and inspo. She is always sporting her perfect red. And, we can only know how superior it feels until we try it ourselves.


(Photos grabbed from Pinterest)



  • You will only need one product! LIP. PAINT. in Red Queen. This creamy matte liquid paint is so easy to use! It comes in a mini bottle, so convenient to pocket anywhere!
  • If you want to try a more cherry and bolder red, you can also try the shade, Cherí Haze.



  1. LIP. PAINT. in Red Queen @ P222
  2. LIP. PAINT. in Cherí Haze @ P222



This is not even a 5-minute tip – this is barely 5 seconds! The clock’s ticking and there’s not much time before your zoom meeting starts, then of course just swipe the ultimate tint! Always, always!


(Instagram accounts: @iamsofiaandres, @kailaxconcepcion, @jeiadelmundo)






  1. CHEEK. LIP. in Bittersweet Magenta @ P110

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  • Jona Tan (ig:jeibeetea) : August 11, 2020

    This is why these are my fave cheek and lip tint. You can have have a perfect look in less than 5 minutes :) From everyday look, no make up make up look,on casual/zoom meetings up to formal events look. Kjm cosmetics are perfect.

  • Ivy Jane Juliano: August 11, 2020

    Always love the color or shades of kjm liptint. Ito na talaga ginagamit ko since college hanggang sa nagtatrabaho na ako ❣️ Hope to see more shades of your tints po.

  • Kara (@karanadiine): August 11, 2020

    I super love KJM Cosmetics’ Cheek. Lip. tint for my speedy makeup looks. I swipe my Bloodshot shade on my lips for my just bitten look and Bittersweet Magenta on my cheeks for a naturally flushed effect. I love how fresh it makes me look and how easy to use it is, which is why I keep coming back to KJM no matter how many tints I purchase! It’s a classic for a good reason.

  • Mary Rose Mendoza: August 11, 2020

    Love your cheek & lip tints since 2013 ❤️♥️♥️

  • Rosebrenda tada: August 11, 2020

    Love all the shades 🥰

  • Ann Jillian Fortes: August 11, 2020

    Thanks for this helpful blog. My always favorite liptint. ❤️😘

  • Cess Javier: August 11, 2020

    Thanks for this really helpful blog! ♥️
    Ever since day 1 I have tried KJM liptint that was when my officemate resells it on our office, that was 2016. im inlove with this liptint even though I have tried so many tints, I keep on going back to KJM because of your formulation.
    Indeed it is effortless and easy to be pretty with KJM products thanks for bringing them to us filipinas. For all those who loves makeup, kjm are easy to find and affordable also safe, Im a big fan now a distributor. Xoxo KJM FAM

    - cess

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