About us

KJMCOSMETICS® is an indie brand that started a solid make up sensation as a local brand in the Philippines. KJM products were created to allow everyone the access to high-quality cosmetics which also showcased affordability and approachability. Made by exceptional ingredients for daily use, these products were released with an advocacy of clean cosmetics.


When KJMCOSMETICS® started in 2015, the main objective for its creators were to provide effortless beauty to everyone. The love for makeup is prominently visible to each KJM product launched. KJM products were created to match every Pinay’s colors and needs when it comes to make up. KJM CHEEK. LIP., being the first of its collection, and the breakthrough product, started a phenomenon of “no make-up, make-up look”, and became a staple cosmetic product that it is now. CHEEK. LIP. is well-beloved and adored by every Filipina here and across the globe.

“It’s easy to be pretty!”

--is a shout-out to everyone that whenever or wherever you are, feeling pretty is easy with KJMCosmetics!