We all feel that sometimes. No matter how we want to wake up energized for a new day, we just couldn’t brush off that lethargic feeling. So, we made a list of how we can somehow pick ourselves up when this happens!

  1. Hydrate. WATER IS IMPORTANT. You need that H2O to feel better. Wake up with a glass full of water and feel refreshed thereafter. Lack of hydration can make your skin look dry and flaky. When you are hydrated, you will not only feel healthy on the inside but also on the outside!
  1. Pamper. DO SOMETHING EXTRA TODAY. Your morning routine might be monotonous, but you can add a little love today. Put some face mask for 10 minutes adding to your routine. Feeling that extra hydration will make your skin fresh and healthy. Loving yourself extra is a surefire fix from feeling under the weather.
  1. Color. COLORS ARE ENERGY BOOSTER. Study shows that when our eyes connect with colors it generates chemical reactions.
  • RED, for instance, creates a surge of energy. It is a mood booster that even when we feel down seeing red can manifest an active feeling that generates our lively mood!

LIP. PAINT. in RED QUEEN and CHERÍ HAZE are go-getters in this lane. You can pull it off by just fixing your brows, put a little mascara, and swipe RED QUEEN for that playful vibe or CHERí HAZE for that extra flare. Nothing can go wrong with anything RED!

  • If you want to stay in the present, and you actively practice mindfulness or creative visualization exercise to your daily routine, then VIOLET is said to inspire deep thought and reflectiveness.

You can achieve calm by putting something subtle. CHEEK. LIP. in FUSED is the best choice. You can swipe it on your cheeks or lips for that gentle aura. Trust us, you will definitely radiate that easiness not only to yourself but to everyone around you!

  • According to color experts, exposure to ORANGE enhances circulation. It can influence your focus and concentration. If you’re feeling tangy to finish some work or task, then what better way to start your day with seeing some peachy colors on your face.

Exude something warm with FACE. BLUSH. in CRAZY TANGIE. You’ll be surprised by how vibrant this shade is, and with its easy applicator, you can just feel pretty and hyped in an instant!

  • BROWN is strongly connected to the natural world. It evokes a feeling of comfort and safety (as study shows). Brown is an earthy color that men in particular likes. If you want to ooze that sense of stability, you may pick this color for the day!

LIP. PAINT. in Cookie Star is a greenhorn to KJM favorites. More and more people are liking this shade because of its color payoff once applied. It creates a serious vibe, but still exudes calm and glitz all at the same time!


  1. TAME. Well, on these days we don’t need that extra hair falling onto our face. We can put some hair moisturizer or your favorite oil. A little goes a long way. Tie your hair in a low ponytail - and voila! You’re good to go!


You may be feeling a bit not yourself today but let these little extra steps of love help you feel better. Give yourself a pat in the back, and don’t forget to smile! Kindness always comes from within!

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