Having that sweet bitten-like lips are everyone’s pout-envy! Our favorite K-drama stars always perfected that look. But we all know it is easier envied than done to get that radiant lips. So how are we going to pull that off? Well, we got ya! 

Here are some gratifying tips to get that perfect lips:

  1. DO NOT USE IF YOUR LIPS ARE CHAPPED. Of course, we know that. No matter how badly we want to achieve that look – we just couldn’t achieve it! Bummer, right? So, let’s move on to Number 2.
  1. SCRUB. This task is essential to remove those dead skin on your lips. You can do this while brushing your teeth. Use your favorite lip scrub, or you can make your own scrub with honey and sugar (1:1 ratio is enough – you can also add some peppermint essential oil). Using this at least thrice a week will make a big difference to your lips. We’re telling you THIS IS GOLD.
  1. MOISTURIZE. We couldn’t highlight this enough. BUT THIS MUST BE THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP. Always, always moisturize your lips. You can use any lip balm or any multi-purpose balm to moisturize your lips. You can leave it on your lips for two (2) minutes before putting your favorite CHEEK. LIP. shade.
  1. GLOSS IT UP. Now that you know the essentials, you can now perfectly pull off that natural stain. But a little extra glitz won’t harm. You can perfect it more by adding some gloss. LIP. PAINT. in Clear Dream is our ultimate plus. Clear Dream’s high shine formula is a badass glow you never knew you needed for that perfect lips!
  1. HYDRATE. This must be the last, but absolutely a main factor to maintain that healthy pout. When you are hydrated for the day your lips will love you! Believe us, WATER. IS. LIFE.


We hope you will try these tips. It can do wonders for your routine. And trust us, these are tips you long wished to know.

It’s easy to be pretty!


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  • Alliah Czerine: August 12, 2020

    I love this! Our lips needs a care too! ❤

  • Micah Pareja Vales: August 12, 2020

    One of the reason why I love KJM products is it really hydrating and it cannot darken your lips. An avid user of KJM products since highschool. Thank you for this another informative blog :)

  • Kim Angelou Bebit: August 12, 2020

    💋I really love this product KJM Cosmetics the best tint ever. I’ve been using this tint for almost 4 years. They’re all good and easy to apply very organic. Im so glad and satisfied to this kind of shade because this is my on the go lip cheek tint. It is pigmented, blendable, long lasting and very organic. Cant wait to try KJM FACE BLUSH.💄💄💄ILOVEKJMCOSMETICS💄💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😘

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  • Amiel janelle orcado: August 12, 2020

    I’ve been an avid fan of Kjm cosmetics since I was in grade school. I could still remember that I was the first one (I think 😅) in our school basically in our department who has the KJM liptint. And there was a time when my friends and classmates would ask me why am I always looking fresh & haggard-free hahaha 😂 But I kept it a secret for awhile that time because I’m afraid that it may BOOM and it would go out of stock. So long story short, I told them what I’ve been using and they immediately bought their own liptints from KJM but I suggested for them to buy my all time FAVE. Their bittersweet magenta. 🥰 And yes! Until now, it is my favorite. Everytime I buy new liptints or lip products, I find them useful but after a while, I would still go back to my OG, the kjm bittersweet magenta. So i’m really hoping I could be one of the winners as I’m an avid fan of kjm since i was gradeschool. And up until now to my senior high school days ☺️ It’s been years! ♥️ #KJM5versary

  • Nadine Marie Rudolf: August 12, 2020

    I really love KJM since my senior highschool and until now. This product was introduced by my friend. I tried it then I liked it very much. In other day I decided to purchase kjm product. I liked it because when I applied it to my lips its very looks like natural and simple. I already tried to buy bloodshot, bittersweet magenta,fused,vibe and girl talk. Two of my favorite are bittersweet magenta and bloodshot. I don’t want to go to school or going somewhere without wearing kjm tint(feeling hindi mapakali still looking everywhere just to find it even i’m late na). Its last long in my lips and kjm product is very perfect if you want simple makeup look. I tried other brand but this is still my #1 favorite tint brand. It feels like I’m crazy without it. I’m shy when it comes to my apperance but with the help of kjm tint i’m truly confident to myself. Its makes me bright and fresh. Thank you and happy #KJM5versary God bless.💕💖

  • Avilyn Paghasian: August 11, 2020

    Long ago, I have been struggling to find the best lip product that suits me well and one which doesn’t make my lips dry. Finally, I have discovered the KJM Cheek.Lip product in the shade of Bittersweet Magenta. I love it so much since it matches my skin perfectly. It’s also natural made so it’s 100% safe to use. What’s more?! This cheek.lip product is not only for your cheeks and lips but you can also apply it as an eyeshadow too! I just love how one product can be of so many use to me. Ever since I have been using this product, I gained more self-confidence, I feel beautiful. I am now more confident to do my work and routines daily and most especially, I no longer panic about my look when a camera suddenly appears to take a photo of me because I can now pose naturally and confidently thanks to KJM Cheek.Lip tint 😊😍😘

  • Avilyn Paghasian: August 11, 2020

    I really love Kjm cosmetics😍 I’ve been using it since high school. It’s the best product I’ve ever tried. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT? You can use it everywhere on your face! Just like my fave product which is the bittersweet magenta, it’s not only good for your lips but you can also use it on your cheeks and even as eyeshadow💕💕 having and using a kjm product gives you more confidence and you don’t have to worry since it does not make your lips dry. Super loveeee it talagaaa😊😊😊

  • Chanel Villaraza : August 11, 2020

    I’ve been using KJM Cheek. Lip Tint since then, actually it’s my first ever Lip Product that I purchase as a student well I’m influenced by Michelle Dy about KJM. Their Cheek. Lip Tint was really my OG lip product, I srsly cannot go to school without wearing it or having this on my kikay kit. I was really eager to buy myself their Cheek. Lip Tint since I’m becoming more conscious with my appearance, I can still remember how I wanted the shade Bittersweet Magenta but dang girl, it’s out of stock! I’m not shocked since it’s really their best-seller na shade. So I just bought the Pink Puff, but I eventually loved it! I’ve been recommending their products to my friends since the day that i’ve discovered them. What I love about their brand is they really produce products that is not just affordable but are flattering to all types of skintone, especially our Morenas! Did you know that my first ever makeup that I purchased is their Cheek. Lip Tint? Haha. Now that they have produced other lippies, I’m very excited to try it out, a Lip. Paint that are pigmented and performs well at the same time affordable? Dang, ghorl, papantay na sa mga International brands! Actually, this Local Brand; KJM Cosmetics really deserves the hype and worth your penny! KJM Cosmetics is Local Brand that can also go with high-end brands. KJM introduced me to the world of makeup. KJM opens my eyes that there are beauty in makeup. KJM will always be part of my youth. KJM molds me to be always confident. Thank you for being part of my youth days, KJM! ❤

  • Cess Javier: August 11, 2020

    Thanks for this! ♥️
    One of your Squad since 2016. Bittersweet Magenta is perfect with Clear dream!
    Always here!
    -Cess Javier

  • Ericka : August 11, 2020

    Hi Kjm! Just want to say that I’m a proud user since 2015. And, btw, the tips that you guys are giving is what I always do.

  • Jamaica Ramirez: August 11, 2020

    Thankyou for giving this info ❤️

  • arabelle ariate: August 11, 2020

    ilove your tints been a user of it since 2017 ive tried pink puff dolled bloodshot bewitch bittersweet magenta and summer kiss and my fave and super love is bittersweet magenta perfect for any occasion..

  • arabelle ariate: August 11, 2020

    i love using your tints been a user of it since 2017, ive tried pink puff, dolled, summerkiss, bloodshot,bittersweet magenta, bewitch and summer kiss. and my fave is bittersweet magenta..

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