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Shade: Bloodshot
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3-way tint for your lips, cheeks, and lids that lasts all day long.


  • Water-based cheek and lip stain
  • Highly pigmented formulation
  • High-Quality Natural Ingredients
  • Moisturizing
  • No Bitter Taste
  • Long-lasting (up to 8hours)
  • FDA Approved
  • PETA Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan

Bittersweet Magenta is a rich, versatile color that suits any skin tone and is a timeless classic. It's often called the "OG" because of its popularity over the years, and exudes confidence and comfort.

Bloodshot is a bright red shade resembling the color of blood in our veins. It is the first shade created in the CHEEK.LIP. line, and has a refreshing and healthy feel. The shade can be basic or bold, depending on the amount applied, and is buildable for a more intense look.

Summer Kiss is a warm red-orange tint that is specially designed to complement warm skin tones. Its name alone captures the essence of a beautiful summer day, where your skin is kissed by the sun's rays. This versatile shade enhances your natural beauty with a subtle yet flattering pop of color, giving you a radiant, healthy glow. You can wear it daily for a natural look, or layer it on for a more dramatic effect. Additionally, its red-orange hue can also be used as an eyeshadow for a trendy, K-pop-inspired look. Overall, Summer Kiss is a must-have for anyone who wants to achieve a radiant and youthful glow!

Bewitched! sounds spooky and mysterious, but in reality, it's a shade that is only slightly deeper than Bittersweet Magenta, which is a color that many people already love and find wearable. The unique color blend of this cheek lip tint can help achieve an effortless bold look that makes a statement without being too intense. Overall, it’s a versatile and wearable shade that can be used for both day and night looks.

Pink Puff is a dainty and soft shade of pink that is described as neither cool nor warm, making it universally flattering for all skin tones. It is perfect for adding a youthful and fresh pop of color to the cheeks and creating a sweet and soft look on the lips. Pink Puff allows individuals to express their unique style and explore their feminine and gentle side, making it a versatile and appealing choice for any occasion, whether going for a natural or glam look.

Dolled is a deep pink shade that is a great choice for a quick and easy "dolled-up" look. Its long-lasting effect will make you look like a pretty, hot Barbie doll all day long.

Tango is immortalizing orange! If you love sun-kissed blush with a cooler undertone then this is the shade for you! Long-lasting and underrated shade you will surely love.