Bewitched! can help you achieve a fierce vampy look. It’s the perfect shade for when you’re in the mood to wear something bold.

Bittersweet Magenta

Bittersweet Magenta is a brick-red shade that gives any look a natural pop of colour. It’s the shade for when you want to look fierce and simple at the same time.


Bloodshot gives a classic ruby-red shade. Fierce and deep-red, it gives off that freshly bitten lip look. Flattering against any skin complexions.


Achieve that fresh-blooming look with the radiant and dainty, Dolled and its bright-rose hue. Flattering against any skin complexion.


Fused is the perfect statement lippie with its versatile berry-purple shade. This tint looks natural on the cheeks and it can make your skin look lighter with its blue undertone. You can wear it sheer or bold. Flattering against any skin complexions.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk is perfect as an everyday tint. This bright shade gives any look a vivid touch of glam.

Pink Puff

Pink Puff adds a touch of sweetness to any look. Achieve a vivid pinkish shade on your lips and natural-looking flush on your cheeks.

Summer Kiss

Look more tan with Summer Kiss. Achieve that effortless sun-kissed flush on your lips and cheeks with this orange hue.


Tango gives a dramatic rosy shade, perfect for a wine-stained lip look. Wear it sheer for a more natural-looking flush on your lips and cheeks or wear full coverage for a bolder look.


Vibe is a bold shade, perfect for making a strong statement. Bring our the superwoman vibe in you and slay the day with this violet hue.