Meet Your Perfect Travel Companion: KJM Cheek. Lip. Tints.

26 Feb , 2020



When you travel, are you someone who loves to pack your entire makeup bag? Makeup brushes, beauty tools, etc.? I mean, why wouldn’t you bring your favorite makeup essentials with you on vacation? But when your makeup bag is big and bulky and barely fits in your luggage, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a lighter way to travel and still bring along enough makeup to create the looks you love? There is!


KJM Cheek. Lip. Tints. are the perfect travel companion and makeup accessory to jet set with you. Wherever your travels may take you—either around the globe or in your daily on-the-go lifestyle—our KJM Cheek. Lip. Tints. are an everyday beauty essential. They’re pure perfection!  


Have you ever tried a lip or cheek tint before? They’re ideal to use as:

  • Blush
  • Eyeshadow
  • Lipstick/Lip Gloss
  • Eyebrow Coloration
  • For Contouring
  • For a Natural Flush of Color


While other brands of lip tints miss the mark, our multi-use Cheek. Lip. Tints. are long-lasting, non-drying, and cruelty-free. Plus, our vegan and natural ingredients mean our KJM Cheek. Lip. Tints. are never ever bitter.  


Your color choice may depend on the time of day and your mood. From bright pinks to sultry reds, our natural tints in 10 different shades can match whatever mood you’re in! Our chic roller ball bottles are travel-light, meaning they can go just about anywhere you go. Keep one in your pocket, zip one in your purse, or stow a handful in your carry-on to perfect your pout as soon as your airplane touches down on the runway in paradise.  


Lip and cheek tints are also ridiculously easy to apply. Even YouTube sensation, Michelle Dy, loves our KJM Cheek. Lip. Tints. She says the best way to apply Cheek. Lip. Tints. isn’t with a brush at all—rather, it’s easiest to apply with only your fingers. Keep a dewy natural look or dial up the drama by adding another layer. The options are endless.


The best part? KJM Cheek. Lip. Tints. are affordable. We’ll help you save money on makeup so you can spend an extra day in paradise instead.